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Should I have a one-page or two-page resume?

Many employers prefer one-page résumés provided they are effective in showcasing the applicant’s skills, experience and education.  Seasoned job seekers with 15+ years of work history may need a two-page format to fully capture their accomplishments.  Always use the format that will attract an employer’s attention.  I once designed a one-page format for an engineer who had 15 years of experience.  One potential employer, however, requested a four-page résumé.  Our response?  We gave them a four-page résumé.   

What is the difference between a group and a panel interview?

As many as 20 or more job candidates can be invited to participate in a group interview.  First, a representative will share information about the company.  Then he or she may ask questions of the group or interview candidates individually.  The purpose of this type of interview is to see how candidates respond within that setting.  They want to see if you will stand out or hide in the background.   Depending on what the company is looking for, your interest and excitement—or lack of it—may determine if you’re a good fit for the company.  If you are applying for a sales position, for example, your extrovert personality will be hard to miss.

In a panel interview job candidates are interviewed by employees from different departments within the organization.  The representatives are chosen based on the job posted and your potential daily interaction with them.  As a result, it is easier, less costly and good sense to get their input regarding the hiring decision.  Generally, when offered an interview, always ask if it is a group interview or panel interview so that you can prepare accordingly.

What should I say during an interview if I was fired by my last employer?

If you have lost your job due to a firing, you must be careful how you frame your answers when interviewed.  Keep in mind that the interview process is set up to do two things: eliminate unqualified candidates and identify the best candidates.  In the interview, you want an opportunity to impress them with your skills before you share how you were separated from your last employer.  Each person’s situation is different, so it’s important to develop your own strategy to handle such questions.  We work with clients to craft a truthful, yet succinct answer that will gain an employer’s respect rather than an immediate rejection.  If this is your situation, let us know by clicking here.

I’ve filled out 40 on-line job applications this month but haven’t had any interviews?

This is a typical problem for job seekers.  But the real focus should not be on the number of on-line applications filled out but on how they are filled out.  Many job seekers don’t get interviews simply because their applications are not filled out correctly.  Let’s face it, job applications are tedious and time consuming.  But they are necessary.  With this in mind, you must give them your full attention.  Read them thoroughly, answer each question, include key words, and review them for errors or omissions.  Be prepared to upload a résumé, cover letter, transcript, references or other required documents. If your on-line job application is completed correctly, you will get a response, even if it’s an automated one.  If you don’t receive a response, log back into your application and review it for errors, inaccuracies or missing information, and then re-submit it.  For more on this, please contact us here.

I get stage fright. What can I do to avoid freezing up during interviews?

Getting nervous or freezing up during interviews is not uncommon.  With so much at stake, job candidates are afraid to say or do anything that will eliminate them from consideration.  The best way to increase confidence and boldness is to fully prepare before the interview.  To begin, research facts about the company and review highlights of your career experience in relation to your employer’s needs.  Next, create a résumé plus a targeted skills résumé.  Then, search online for interview questions and craft great responses.  Create a 30-second commercial.  And of course practice telling your story in the mirror or with a close friend or relative.  Rehearse until you can do it smoothly.  If you need help with any of these elements, contact us here so that we can assist you.

I keep getting offers for part-time jobs but I need a full-time job?

If you live in a state where there are more job seekers than job openings, employers have the advantage.  With this kind of hiring power, employers will make decisions to save money.  One way to save money is to hire part-time employees.  It saves an employer on salaries, healthcare and other benefit costs.  It also makes it easier if an employee doesn’t work out.  The company can release the employee and spread the part-time work amongst the remaining staff.  Along this line, an employer can also hire a temporary employee from an agency and save even more money, since they are not a permanent employee.  Depending on the job market in your state, the employer may be in the driver’s seat.  If this is the case, you have to change your job search approach.  Take the part-time job . . . for now to get income.  Some companies hire part-time staffers for a 30-day trial period then increase the employee’s hours to full-time later.  The job market is challenging and changing every day.  Find ways to make these challenges work for you until you can land the job you really want.

I’ve been working in one field for 10 years. I’m ready to do something different but I don’t know what or how to start? What should I do?

Career Transition isn’t easy.  Not everyone knows what they want to do next, professionally.  I take clients through a series of steps to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses.  We also review accomplishments and take assessments to determine where their interests and passions lie.  It’s a process that requires clients to engage and do some soul-searching.   Self-discovery is definitely the best part of the process.  I’ve had clients discover their true passion for the first time in their life.  You never know what you’ll discover about yourself in Destiny Trainer coaching sessions.  Maybe a new opportunity is waiting for you


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