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Discover. Unlock.
Release the REAL You!




Struggling with a job search?               

Stumped by interview questions?                                         

Resume design too baffling?

Low salaries driving you batty? 

Lack of confidence and skill set stalling your progress?

You’re not alone.

Thousands of job seekers in your city are facing the same challenges.  I know because every day I work with clients completely overwhelmed by the job market.  They doubt they have the skills or savvy to land the job of their dreams. But they can, and so can you!  I can hear you say, “But the job market is tough.”  You right, but mostly for the ill-prepared.

As a Career Strategist with 15+ years of experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of job seekers and written thousands of resumes. I know first-hand that searching for employment isn’t easy.  That’s why correct positioning in the marketplace is crucial.  Show a potential employer your value, that is, how you can add to the company’s bottom line, better known as profits.  To do this you need a strategy, relevant knowledge and the right tools.  Add to this diligence, patience and lots of support. 

Sound complicated?  It isn’t—if you know how to arrange the pieces of the puzzle.

At Destiny Trainer, we can help you

  • Identify your skill set and hidden potential
  • Create a realistic, achievable career plan
  • Uncover barriers to success and develop overcoming strategies
  • Get un-stuck to move in the right direction
  • Regain confidence
  • Access essential tools to execute an effective job search
  • Gain support through valuable coaching and training

No need to struggle, stay baffled or get stalled. Stop waiting in the unemployment line.  Instead, unearth your skills and re-charge your confidence.  It’s time to discover, unlock and release your true value. 

You next career opportunity is just a strategy away!




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