What clients are saying . . .

“. . . as a Professional Career Builder, Instructor and Workshop Facilitator, Montina has been extremely successful in facilitating cooperative relationships, technical assistance to community groups, neighborhood organizations, and partner agencies and businesses.”  D. Smith, Department of Economic Development

“In each of the workshops I have attended Mrs. Hollins makes you feel that you can and will succeed in your career search.  She is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of interviewing and resume writing.  She is very resourceful and offers tips and suggestions to help you gain confidence.  She also gives you just a little push to encourage you to be the best you can be in presenting yourself to any potential employer. “  P. Goss, Client

“She [Montina] has a passion for helping people and puts her heart into it.  I have watched her over a period of time and she has the same passion with others as she does with me.  Other people have told me they feel the same way I do, but I can only speak for myself. . . I believe in the 3-R’s.  Respect, Responsible and Reliable and she demonstrates all of them.”  J. Hogan, Client

“I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals & recommending strategies for achieving them.  THANK YOU!!”  C. Pickens, Client


More Workshop Comments . . .

“I loved everything about the class.  Presenter was awesome.  Information provided was well-presented and well-understood.  [She] made everyone feel very comfortable and confident.”  Power Interviewing Workshop

“She is well-prepared and delivers very well.  I love the way the presenter controlled the crowd.  I recommend the workshop because it builds up your confidence.” Power Interviewing Workshop

“Mrs. Hollins is the best.  She takes care of all your needs.  Ms. Hollins has an outstanding personality & you can tell she enjoys what she does.  She is very knowledgeable & is able to convey information in a way you can understand.”  Resume Clinic

“[She] clarified a lot of material I was uncertain of—what I should include in my resume to make it flow, pop with employers.  Also informed me of an appropriate cover letter.”  Resumes for the Real World Workshop

“Mrs. Hollins does one-on-one resumes at the end of the class.  They need to tell more people about this workshop.  It would help a lot of unemployed people.”  Resumes for the Real World Workshop

“What I liked best about this workshop is the instructor’s informative presentation.  [The hand-outs were] good and clearly understandable.  The presenter is excellent – [I] sense the passion for helping others.  I recommend this workshop because the presenter cares about us receiving the information.”  Virtual / Optimal Resume Workshop

“I never thought I could make my 2-page resume fit into 1 but I did!  Ms. Tina makes the impossible possible!!  She knows what she’s talking about and can give you multiple views.”  Virtual / Optimal Resume Workshop

“[The Successful Networking workshop] help[ed] us break out of our shell when doing the 30-second commercials. Amazing as always! Very informational.” Successful Networking Workshop

“I liked how engaging the topics were.  I liked everything about this workshop.  I would recommend it for those who aren’t aware of ‘how to’ correctly go about filling out the on-line applications.” On-line Applications Workshop